Here, we introduce our three current brands. Each is a remarkable company with its own specialty. However, when working together on projects, they create a richer array of solutions.


Admix: Leading the way in strategy, creativity, and design within the B2B domain, Admix stands at the forefront of result-driven communication. Specializing in positioning, branding, and campaign experiences, Admix transforms ideas into impactful concepts, elevating brands with elegance and impact. The team is made up of creatives, strategists and content production experts, ensuring a comprehensive approach to brand storytelling. Admix is dedicated to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in design excellence, offering a full spectrum of services to bring brand visions to life.


Alion: Alion is the digital powerhouse of the REIWA family, where technology meets strategy to create cutting-edge digital solutions. With a focus on web development, digital marketing, and user experience, Alion crafts bespoke digital landscapes that drive growth, engagement, and success for businesses ready to dominate the digital sphere.


Procomm: Specializing in strategic public communications (PR), Procomm is the voice of the REIWA brands, shaping narratives that resonate and inspire. With a keen understanding of the power of words and the dynamics of the media landscape, Procomm ensures that messages not only reach their intended audiences but also leave a lasting impression.