Welcome to REIWA. We're united by a simple yet powerful belief: good karma stems from good deeds and intentions. This principle shapes our companies, bringing people and ideas together for meaningful services and solutions. We’re committed to making a positive impact, one thoughtful action at a time.

The REIWA Group creates a new vision of bringing companies together. All our brands have in common creating sustainable value; for our people, their families and the societies we live in. By facilitating a beautiful harmony, we grow with our brands, clients and environment.

It was in new spring, in a fair (rei) month. When the air was clear and the wind a gentle (wa) breeze. Plum flowers blossomed a beauty's charming white. And the fragrance of the orchids was their sweet perfume.

("Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves" poetry)

Harmony is the basis for our connection

In harmony we find each other and have a basis for personal development, innovation and performance. By this we make ourselves happy and the client successful.

Individual talents, working with the same values

Our specialized companies work from the same three values. Consisting of thinkers, creators, shapers, builders and operators. We are of all ages and many directions to create something meaningful for our clients and inspiring for their customers.

Compassionate Living
This involve's promoting empathy and understanding towards others. It reinforces the idea that kindness and compassion are integral to take care of each other and to building positive karma.

Embracing Kaizen
We value small, steady improvements, believing in the power of each individual to grow and refine their skills day by day. This commitment to continuous, practical progress shapes our companies, our work and our culture, fostering a sense of personal responsibility and ongoing development.

Holistic development
Encourage a commitment to personal and spiritual development, recognizing that understanding and improving oneself is key to creating positive karma. This value can be used to drive character development and plot progression in our story.


Welcome to our house of brands. Discover the continues growing diverse and dynamic companies that form the heart of our Group. Each brand in our portfolio is committed to making a meaningful impact. Explore and connect with the brands that are shaping the future, today.

Leadership means leading by example, listening, learning, and empowering others. Our leaders work closely with their teams, fostering trust, creativity, and a hands-on approach. We view leadership as a collaborative journey, where success is achieved by uplifting everyone and valuing every contribution.



If you want to explore the options for joining our journey and become part of the house of brands please contact us for a pleasant meeting?